Request Your Rental Appraisal


Request a Rental Appraisal today with our experienced team who will conduct a thorough assessment of your property to determine the current market rental value.
This appraisal will include:
  • Rent Review: A Comparative Analysis of your property’s location, condition, size, and other features to ensure you’re getting the correct amount of rent for your investment.
  • Discussion of your property’s current income strategy and areas we see potential for growth.
  • Insurance & Compliance Review: We check if your smoke alarms, blinds and pool safety is compliant and if you have the correct insurance to cover your property.

How can a rental appraisal help me as a property investor?


Identifies missing rental income: A rental appraisal provides an accurate assessment of the current market rental value of your property and identify any upgrades or improvements that could be made to increase its rental value meaning more cash in your pocket.

Improves tenant quality & retention: Ensuring your rental property is priced correctly in the current market can attract higher quality tenants, reduce arrears and vacancy rates and improve the overall rental income.

Improves serviceability for future property purchases: A rental appraisal can identify pricing gaps between your property and the current market, resulting in an increase in your rental income. This increase could support you in purchasing your next investment property.


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