Why You Should be Investing in Perth

We’ll show you why Perth should be in your portfolio and
just how easy it is to invest interstate.

Wednesday 31st August
7:00pm (AEST)

Why You Should Secure Your Ticket

It’s time to head West! Our fourth largest capital city, Perth, is in the investment spotlight!

Supply is dwindling, migration is strong and value buying is available with rents that show positive cash flow returns.  It’s the perfect storm to see continued capital growth for buyers securing the right real estate today.
With the city’s low unemployment levels and high incomes (second highest outside of ACT), Perth is the ideal location for first time investors, or someone looking to diversify their portfolio.

Come along to our ‘Why You Should be Investing in Perth’ Webinar on Wednesday night and learn how the fundamentals of the macro and micro markets of Perth are undeniable as a ‘must have’ investment for your portfolio and how to select the right property.

REGISTER NOW for the next event on 31st August and see just how easy it is to start investing in Perth.  

What you’ll learn on the night:

  • Australian Macro market outlook
  • Why Perth? Analysis of the future growth fundamentals; infrastructure, immigration, demand/supply, and more
  • Learn from experienced property investors who have over 12 years experience in the residential industry across markets all over Australia.
  • Plus, We will be showcasing some amazing investment properties from just $480,000

Join us as we dive into these topics all from the comfort of your home!


Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday, 31st August
Time: 7:00pm (AEST)
Location: Online
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